Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nilgiri of Bandarban Torisum

Nilgiri or Nil Giri is one of the highest summits and attractive visitor advertisement in Bangladesh. It is about 3500 feet high and positioned at Thanci Thana. It is about 46 km south of Bandarban on the Bandarban-Chimbuk-Thanchi road. Near this advertisement you can see Mro villages. Their exciting nation and alive grace are assuredly an unfamiliar skill for the tourists. In drizzly period here makes a remarkable background, the whole advertisement is roofed with the complete of vapors. You can like a overcast skill. Winter is to come for you by it’s confused gesticulation on the height. It is a enjoyable place for campfire in that period. Most beautiful time is the origin. It is well if you chose to break thru 7-18 dates of a lunate month to relish the moonlit night. You can also relish the meandering sequence of Sangu River. This is the maximum remarkable traveler spot in Bandarban and achieved by Army taskforce of Bandarban.


  1. Nilgiri is one of the tallest, lucrative and beautiful tourist spot in Bangladesh. From here everyone can observe the entire bandanban at a glance.

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