Thursday, January 10, 2013

Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban

Khulna is situated in south-western Bangladesh with a whole part of 59.57 km²,  though the district himself is about 4394.46 km². It lies south of Jessore and Narail, East of Satkhira, West of Bagerhat and North of the Bay of Bengal. It is slice of the main mouth in the domain. In the southern slice of the mouth lies the Sundarban, the world's major mangrove forestry. The urban of Khulna is in the north slice of the district, and is mostly an increase of skill middles near to the Rupsha and Bhairob canals. Kapotakkh river is significant in Khulna.
The yearly usual infection for Khulna is 35.5 °C with a greatest little of 10 °C.

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